Traction is the only known conservative method of restoring normal curves to the spine. Traction is simply a sustained force applied to the spine in a specific direction for the purpose of restoring normal spine position. These traction forces are necessary to reduce abnormal spinal curvatures, correct abnormal postures, and will provide increased stability to damaged spines. The proper application of spinal traction in our office will ensure safety and effectiveness of care.

Your spine exhibits many different properties. It will move quickly as a traction force is applied, but it will quickly resume the original abnormal shape. If a force is applied to the spine for a certain amount of time, a change will take place but if removed too soon, the spine will again resume its abnormal shape, similar to Silly Putty. However, if a traction force is applied for more than 10-15 minutes, permanent change is made. That change will become more and more apparent improving posture, structure and function. Types of traction are specific to your diagnosis. Be patient. It can take time for the abnormal spine to become normal. Traction may cause some soreness but should not cause pain. Keep communication lines open with your doctor if you feel possible modifications concerning weight or time might be needed. Your consistency and effort will pay off in a healthy spine.